Summer is the perfect time to unwind and recharge for the upcoming school year. Whether you’re lounging on a beach, traveling with your family, or just enjoying your summer break, diving into a good book or podcast can be both relaxing and inspiring. Here are some top recommendations to help you unwind and stay inspired this summer.

Books for Growth and Insight

Summer is a great time to catch up on some reading. Here are some top picks that provide valuable insight to enhance your .

“The Power of Moments” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

show you how to create memorable and meaningful experiences both in and out of the classroom. You’ll learn practical strategies to craft moments that leave a lasting impact and ensure that every moment counts when you are teaching. You’ll discover how to inspire and motivate students by making lessons more engaging. Overall, it’s a great read if you’re looking for insight on making a positive difference in how you teach.

“Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth

explores how passion and perseverance lead to success. Through author Angela Duckworth’s research, you’ll learn that determination and hard work are often more important than natural talent. This useful book provides insight into how to help students develop grit and how to keep trying when things get tough. This inspirational book will help you inspire students to become more persistent and resilient which are important traits to have both inside and outside of the classroom.

“Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol S. Dweck

is a fantastic book that delves into the concept of fixed and growth mindsets and how they shape our lives and potential for success. This book offers valuable insight and practical strategies to help foster a growth mindset in the classroom. It provides real-life examples and tips on how to encourage students to see challenges as opportunities and to learn to grow and build resilience.

It also provides real-life examples and tips on praising effort, viewing mistakes as learning experiences, and creating a classroom environment that encourages curiosity and perseverance. You’ll learn how to transform your classroom into spaces where students are excited to take on new challenges, learn from their mistakes, and strive to improve.

Podcasts to Inform and Entertain

Podcasts are a fun and easy way to stay informed and entertained while on summer break. Here are some recommendations that offer insight and engaging content while you’re relaxing by the pool or listening on the go.

“The EdSurge Podcast” by EdSurge

delves into the latest in . Each episode features interviews with an array of guests, including innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who are shaping the future of education through technology. You can explore various topics from digital tools to online learning platforms.

You’ll gain insight into tips and strategies for incorporating new technologies and how to enhance student engagement. Whether you’re a tech-savvy teacher or just beginning to explore the possibilities of educational technology, this podcast will help you gain insights and ideas needed to thrive in this digital age.

“Cult of Pedagogy” by Jennifer Gonzalez

is packed with practical tips, strategies, and insights for educators from former middle school teacher Jennifer Gonzalez. Covering a wide range of topics, Gonzalez interviews experienced educators, thought leaders, and experts in various fields of education. You’ll stay informed about the latest educational trends and best practices through different perspectives.

This standout podcast provides you with concrete examples and detailed explanations that help you understand how to apply new strategies in the classroom. By breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible information you’ll stay updated on educational innovations and gain fresh ideas to bring into your classroom.

“The 10-Minute Teacher Podcast” by Vicki Davis

If you’re limited in time or feel your attention span can only take a few minutes of information, then the is an ideal resource for you. This podcast offers quick episodes packed with information and tips for those of you who want to make the most of your time. Through various topics, you’ll learn new classroom technology tools, innovative student engagement strategies, and new effective teaching techniques from experts, teachers, and authors. These brief episodes are perfect for teachers with busy lives.

Blending Relaxation and Professional Development

To make the most of your summer reading and listening be sure to carve out specific times each day or week for these activities. Consider joining a Facebook group or book club to enhance your understanding of these perspectives. Also, try taking notes to help you remember important takeaways you would like to apply in your own classroom. Also, be sure to choose a book or podcast that is both interesting and educational to ensure you will both enjoy it and learn from it. Keep in mind that you can relax and stay informed at the same time. So, grab a good book, or tune into a fun podcast and enjoy the summer.