Teachers are always on the lookout for fun and engaging tools to excite their learners. However, these mentioned tools are not always easy to come by. More often than not, there is something missing, whether it is the differentiation, assessment features, or the oh-so-desirable . Enter SplashLearn. What is SplashLearn and why use it? What are some ways to use SplashLearn with your class? Continue reading for the answers to these questions.

What is SplashLearn and Why Use It?

SplashLearn’s makers had the vision of transforming K-12 learning by making their program fun and personalized for every child. By teaching skills that would prepare students for the 21st century, SplashLearn is transforming the way elementary school children in grades K-5 practice math and reading skills.

How it works is that teachers create an account (completely free for educators) that then generates a class code and passwords for students. When a student logs in (on an iPad, desktop, etc.), they find their icon and begin. The teacher can assign specific assignments that the students will find under, “From My Teacher.” Or, students can choose to practice various math facts. If they chose the math fact route, they can select from a menu of fact options. By choosing either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, the students can then select the numbers they want involved in their equations as well as the number of questions. Users can also choose if they want their questions timed via elapsed time or count down.

One exciting feature for students is that for every question they answer they earn coins. These coins accumulate and allow students to later spend them in the digital store. Students can choose between the Jungle and the Aquarium. In the Jungle, children can earn cool animals like Giraffes, lions, elephants, etc. and then play with those animals in their jungle. Similarly with the Aquarium, children can earn cool splashes like crabs, angelfish, or squid and then play with those earned animals in their own personal aquarium. This K-5 program that is curriculum aligned keeps students engaged, curious, and confident whether they are using it during in-person or for remote learning.

Ways to Use SplashLearn in your Class

After hearing all the great features of SplashLearn, you may now be wondering how to implement it into your classroom. Here are several ideas to get you and your students started today.

Another Tool to Connect School and Home

Splashlearn is a great way to increase parent involvement in their child’s learning. Reports can be shared with parents so they are kept informed about students’ progress. Because SplashLearn can be used at home, parents can also familiarize themselves with the program as they assist their children.

Center Time

SplashLearn is a great tool to use in centers. Teachers can assign their students lessons that directly correlate with their current units. Once students finish their assignment, they can further review under the Math Facts tab. Watch how excited your students are as they earn more and more coins and spend them at the store!

Review for a Test

Another great way to check in on students’ understanding of the material is by using the built in assessment features. SplashLearn has both that can be used throughout your current units, as a review for a test, or as another way to showcase to parents students academic progress.


Not all technology tools allow for home access, but Splashlearn does! With another school year upon us and uncertainties about the pandemic, Splashlearn is a great tool to familiarize students with so you won’t run into any problems if their learning pivots to remote or in-person. This also makes SplashLearn great for assigning homework as well. Make it open ended by telling students to practice math facts for 20 minutes or read from their built in decodable readers. Or, assign students specific lessons that meet their current learning goals.

Educators are always  on the lookout for educational tools that get their learners excited and engaged, and that further their learning. Splashlearn does just that. A tool that supports both reading and math, teachers appreciate the ability to differentiate their instruction, provide continuous practice in math facts, and easily connect home and school. There are many ways to use SplashLearn in the classroom or at home. Check it out and watch students learning build and grow.